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                                                           Devine Essence

I/O, λ/Ω, Action-Reaction, Devine Essence

In all the scripts and books all over the world, de 'Devine Essence', one way or the other, is revealed. The greatest names anyone can come up with, in some form, words, demonstrate how the 'Devine Essence' works, it's force, it's power, and ultimo, it's greatest outcome. (I)nput/(O)utput, as old as the world revolving, as sign for digital automation.

Everything around us, what can be seen and touched, is the outcome of the I/O, λ/Ω, Action-Reaction. Every step, plan, instance, facet, aspect, in and with your strategic digital automation, in order to function, is to be exact.

Exact means :

100% Predictable

Every thinkable step, plan, instance, facet, aspect in and with digital automation, for anyone involved, is 100% Predictable.  This also undeniable applies to every error, incident, accident, fail, flaw, derailment of project or program. Business wise this simply means 'error/fail/flaw/BlackBox/VendorsLock etc. = Many Big Bills to be Paid.
Implementing and maintaining any strategic digital automation in any organization, enterprise, business, is  
prevent Big Bills to pay from emerging.

The objectives and 100% Predictable outcome of the Devine Essence is not what commerce desires. The Devine Essence strives to achieving greatest, with littlest mean, material, effort and energy. Commerce want you to spent the most possible. The Devine Essence is to prevent that.

Over 85% of digital automation professionals have no idea of the ancient unchanged foundation of what they tell/yell/hype/sell and maintain to and for you 24/24.
Automation.  Regardless of their nametag; network engineer, devops, service engineer, scrummaster, IT project manager, Change and Release manager, ccna, cca, msp, mcsa, agile, or IT consultant, every professional in and with digital automation is a Digital Automation Professional. That also means they are legally accountable and liable for every part of their discipline, production, field or expertise, as also agencies are fully responsible, legally accountable, for every digital automation professionals they send out to you.

99% of commercial professionals, selling any product, service or method in and with your digital automation to you, have no fathom of the ancient unchanged 'Devine Essence', being the foundation of your or any strategic digital automation.

Just these last mentioned facts are the root cause of why the 100% Predictable digital automation, so often, equally 100% Predictable, fails and derails. That also is the root cause why you in the boardroom so often experiences that virtually every part of your digital automated landscape remains a Black Box and why commerce always will strive for the Vendors lock.

Ax0.io is bringing the boardroom executive instant Full Control of your entire strategic digital automated landscape to audit, monitor, govern, regardless of your digital automation is being maintained internal or by third party vendor. Without the need for any capital method, software or any knowledge of any of the disciplines in your digital automated landscape. Instant Full Control of any aspect and facet, where the risks instantly become tangible and manageable for one reason only and alone;

 100% Predictable flawless functioning of any facet and aspect of your Strategic digital automation

To safeguard any risk from harming, achieving what your Strategic Automated Landscape is meant to achieve for you:    PROFIT!

Nothing new, no revolutionary, just plain as the 'Devine Essence' is functioning. ancient and unchanged. Instantly applicable according the Ax0.io 'Change without Changing' principle.


How Ax0.io achieves all this?
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