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The Ax0.io Think Tank                                                           
The Ax0.io Think Tank is a non commercial initiative of a group of CEO's, CFO's CITO's, automation consultants and business owners.
The sole objective is to constantly strive for improvement for the flawless functioning of digital automation spheres and corporate governance.
Frequently market-, trend, and situation-changes are reviewed and discussed with the objective to produce updated automation governance, strategies, and solutions.
These are thoroughly reviewed and where required tested where the information and experiences are shared within a private audience.
Ax0.io Think Tank strives to uphold each individuals governance, opinion and awarded request, connection with other members, as exclusive and private.
It is the perspective of
Ax0.io Think Tank that initially digital automation is the applying of an ancient and unchanged essential and principles, with electronics.
That these, the disciplines, processes, procedures and methods used collectively are to be called 'Digital Automation'.
It is accepted, propagated and cascade that every facet and aspect thinkable, of digital automation, is exact, hence 100% Predictable.
That the ancient essential and principles, it's 100% predictability, are the constant objective to achieve.
It is an ax objective to connect members of the private audience to collectively strive to elevate their digital automation to best possible functioning level.

Digital automation isn't regarded commercial.
Ax0.io Think Tank understand that in a commerce driven economy, goods and services (may) carry a price tag.
It often is the act of commerce to put undesirable strain, stress, and/or pressure, using many techniques and formats, to persuade and promote there commerce.
These often may result in ill-presentation and view where the fine line of misrepresentation, reality, and feasibility is ignored, baring ill-consequences.
It is the objective of
Ax0.io Think Tank to strive to best possible support and provide aide and protection against commerce ill-conduct for and of members of the private audience.
It is the objective of
Ax0.io Think Tank to strive, propagate, and cascade a healthy balance where independent sound reasoning and objectivity and experience in and with commerce is shared with and to our  private audience

Ax0.io Think Tank sole is to cascade and share to date act, experience, governance for the private audience.
Since any connected entity in the private audience is in many instances unique, the acts, experiences, governances shared,
Ax0.io Think Tank doesn't accept any legal responsibilities, claim, liability  for any decision, act, or outcome, of any member of the individual private audience members.
Experiences, reviews, opinions, visions are propagated and cascaded on best effort bases.

Membership of the Ax0.io Think Tank private audience will be granted after review and deemed relevant.
Membership of the private audience of Ax0.io Think Tank  bears a monthly maintenance fee

Q&A will be granted via email only.