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Ax0.io AVG/GDPR Governance

In below stated the objectives and governance covers data as meant and described in the Dutch AVG and the EU GDPR ruling, written, digital and verbal transmitted data, business and personal.
Ax0.io is acting by three pillars where the first is Discretion     
Discretion means that every contact data, personal data, business wise data,  
Ax0.io automatically is preserved and protected by default.
Ax0.io we are most aware of the world we exist in and the vulnerability of the digital era. Therefore Ax0.io does not hold any personal information, nor business data stored.

If this changes because of valid reason, an
Ax0.io official will, at all times, ask for written consent and permission to store data in digital format and systems.
In that specific permission details and reason will be disclosed for the containment of that specific and exact data to store in
Ax0.io digital systems.
Ax0.io, under no circumstance, will examine, hold any type, format or form of data, in the widest sense of meaning and word in its systems for any thinkable commercial reason.
Ax0.io will not share nor convey any business specific, personal, private data with third parties.

Ax0.io will not participate in any commercial endeavour and/or activity involving business, personal, private data stored in Ax0.io systems..
Any entity, business, entrepreneur, person, individual has the right at all times, by legal representation, to request deletion of any type of data stored in the system(s) of
Ax0.io, where Ax0.io will immediately
without delay or reservation will comply to such request.

If any question regarding this statement is remaining, please contact
Ax0.io at any convenient time.     
Who we are?

We are Ax0.io, YOUR Hidden Force.