Any idea of the immediate and chain costs and mis-ception of a failing assessment method?  Did you know over 85% of assessment providers state to be 'Top Notch' but can not substantiate their assessment outcome?

99% of all assessments require a 'Person of Interest' to assess. They require someone to fill in questionnaires in order to be able to assess someone.  The outcome is often most random. Simply because human one day will react different from the other and just that alone will provide you only a 'momentum'.

95% of all assessments are simply copies of copies. They are widely used in professional ranges up to HR and recruitment, contributing to the 55%, and over, most expensive mis-hire.

Over 75% of assessment providers have no merits in the professionals fields they assess for. 98% of coaches have no frame of reference as independent objectives for their clients.

Any idea of the costs, frustration, lost time this cause?


US Pro Publica and German television Bayerischer Rundfunken reveals that dosens of servers worldwide exposed over hundreds thousands free accecible X-rays and MRI scans of hospital patients, due to lack of even a password. It is estimated Dutch patients alone run over 25.000. The locations of the servers and which hospitals are effected isn't disclosed.... 1st half 2019 over 1.43 Bln Data Record Breaches reported. An estimated increase of 45% compared 1st half 2018. Hospitals seem latest incresased target.... Dutch Leaseplan to quit their Global SAP BPC program. Complexity derailing program, €92 Miln total write off.... Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, revealed that it is being blackmailed to the tune of 300 Bitcoin (approximately US $3.5 million). In attempt to identify its blackmailer, Binance has put a 25 Bitcoin (approximately US $290,000) bounty on their head.... Dutch service provider Deloitte/SAP Fieldglass, failed to deliver IT project 'Digi-inhuur', to Dutch Ministery of Infrastructure. Dutch Minister van Nieuwenhuizen pulled the plug stating to take the loss of € 4.3 mln (!?!) after two deliveryfails.... Equifax exposed 150 million Americans' personal data, due to lack of security standards and measures, to pay up to $700 million.... Hertz suing Accenture for failure over $32 mln web design work. Lawyer to aim for jury trial?.... FTC fines Facebook $ 5 billion for illicit harvesting userdata (Forbes).... Estimated over 65% business entities EU still not fully compliant with the EU GDPR ruling and/or individual AVG rulings. Penalties expected rising (EU council data)....

'Change without Changing'

This is


©NQ Global Profiling is one of the 1% assessment ways that provides Real Time instant insight in ones UniQue Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills.

©NQ doesn't require the active presence and participation of any 'Person of Interest'. It uses existing text of the 'person of interest' which can be a resume, a blog, or prior written article.

©NQ uses a self digitized version of an over 4000 year old unchanged algorithm that instant provides insight in ones Natural Born Talents and Soft Skills. Theses remain thesame in the entire life's span of any UniQue personality.

Any idea of the Powerful Impact this will make in terms of assessment? Instantly KNOWING if one 'Has What It Takes' or how to coach. Think of the instant savings, prevention of risks and damages, or mis-hire?  How about preserving valuable Talents for business?  Instant Mediation?  Personal Power Development?

All based upon real time instant insight, UniQuely and Globally accessible and available NOW!!

Sir Richard Branson

Steve Jobs

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