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0 Tolerance
Automation, as old as the world revolving.
There are many universal principles working, strong, unchanged, throughout changes of time and (wo)man.
But all these universal principles only function by the grace of one common denominator:  

'0 Tolerance'.

 All you can see, touch, around you, where you are, perhaps imperfect, is the outcome of this universal common denominator.
Every creator, inventor, producer, couldn't realize anything at all, without the existence of
0 Tolerance.
Entering the era of digital automation, regardless of one uses the phrase IT, ICT, IoT, Wifi, artificial intelligence, algorithm, big data, cyber crime, cyber security.
All these and underlying disciplines and professionals are subdued to this one universal common denominator, 0 Tolerance.
When reading that things in automation go, sometimes horribly, wrong, you instantly can think,
'100% Predictable'.
Every step imaginable in automation is
'100% Predictable', and at the same time provides you Full Control in your automation. Vision  is conveying this essential and principles aimed on 'Change without Changing' to you, executive and manager.
The reason is simple: to let you (re)gain Full Control of your digital automation, without the need of having to understand the intrinsic of any discipline involved.
0 Tolerance is one of three pillars to instantly eliminate risks and costs and at the same time increase clear ROI and improving governance.

How achieves that?
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