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I/O, (I)nput/(O)utput, Action/Reaction, automating is as old as the world revolving. 
Everything you can see and touch around you, the outcome of this ancient and unchanged essential, working today as ever before.
Everything (wo)man is creating is exact, perhaps not always perfect, never the less exact.
What is perfect is the paradox of this essential. When (wo)men invented electricity, later the transistor, the cpu, the semi conductor, this principle became digital and faster and faster.
It's fields of appliance expanded the globe and today, even realizing or not, we all are effected by it.
100% Predictable
Now ask yourself, if your digital automation, in order to function, is to be exact, 100% Predictable, how come the explosive increase of fails, incidents, accidents, still occurs?

Over 85% of professionals in digital automation have no idea of the ancient unchanged essentials and principles of automation and 99.99% of commerce, if they knew, wouldn't want you to know.
Simply ask yourself, ' If digital automation is to achieve more with less, how can it be the costs, the risks, are rising against a lesser outcome? focus on Discrete presence and strengthening of what is already there. Clarifying the risks factors by clearly identifying them without restriction.
With the sole objective to improve, not to blame.
Consequently bring knowledge, expertise, experience to offer leverage to reduce footprint, risks while increasing ROI at the same time.
Adding value by educating, coaching, and 'Change without Changing'.

How achieves that?

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