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The ©Civile Matrix™ illustrates and demonstrates the most elementary essential and principle of every thinkable process in automation.
This illustration is exemplary for every single step in programming bud also of any project or program in automation, for everyone involved.
The consistency of the
©Civile Matrix™ is to train, school, all involved, to eliminate risks, incidents, accidents, 'eventualities', project derailment.
Even more, the
©Civile Matrix™ is instant scalable where it automatically also becomes a project or even program matrix, ensuring and safeguarding successful management and
Full Control.

©Civile Matrix™ can be used as standard for multiple processes, projects, programs in automation.
©Civile Matrix™ seemingly fits in every thinkable projects managements method like Prince2, PMbok, Agile, Scrum, Lean, SixSigma, Bisl or any governance methods used.
It provides an independent instrument for executive and manager to instantly (re)gain Full Control.
The ©Civile Matrix™ also is used as a crisis management instrument because of it's clear and transparent, 'Straight to the Point' functioning and instant scalable standard.

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    ©Civile Matrix