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Digital automation always starts with people.
Quite simply put, take away the power cord, and
'IT' seizes to function.
And just that what is what ©
Civile Matrix objective is to avoid.
To offer the executive, manager, the mandatory requirements to check, forcing everyone involved, to act in a uniform concise and exact fashion.

The awareness that before all, all processes and procedures are to be in place before act or execution.
Before the next step, all risks are to be eliminated, not by incident, but structural as standard.
By a digital
Reassurance, nothing is to be reinvented.
Reassurance simply means assuring that all elements, processes and procedures to be in place prior...

Ax0.io way is to identify and eliminate risks and disruption in your current automation landscape, nothing changes in the state of automation, governance or objectives.
By instating 'periodical Re-assurance', risks automatically are reduced and eliminated, but also awareness is kept at the next level.
Ax0.io Reassurance simply is a powerful actual insight and experience combined with expertise, without changing, but strengthen what is already in place.
There is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed assurance.
However digital automation itself is an exact science and matter, human is not.
Because of the fact that digital automation is
100% Predictable, its processes and procedures can be elevated to the next level
Ax0.io demonstrates improvement in the 'current state' organization with simple exact steps, increasing the quality and standard of process, procedure and governance for all.

How we do that?
Just ask for our free inhouse
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