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The battlefields haven't changed at all since Xenophon, or as Miyamoto Musashi describes in his 'Book of five rings', the wars of Alexander the Great or the Cruisades.
What has changed rapidly, since the banking crisis of 2007, is the exploding commerce acting against every thinkable standard, essential, and of automation.
To defend oneself, one has to understand the governance of warfare and terror, to act and guard oneself against just that.
Ax0.io has broad experience of the rules of engagement of these matters as well as broad knowledge and experience of the rules of conduct of automation.

It isn't sole the implementation of, again another commercial step in security, that always is one step too late.
It is the insight and understanding the essential of process and procedure to reduce a digital footprint to become less vulnerable.
Also awareness, understanding risks, where they reside and how to act, has to be part of any endeavor's governance,

 Ax0.io Vision
Commerce' answer on the risks of cyber crime always is one step too late.
Over sixty percent of the organizations are not fully aware nor equipped in their risk governance, process or procedure.
A simple example, still, not everybody is being fully compliant to the AVG/GDPR, as is mandatory since may 2018.
Penalties of non compliancy will run up to 10% of the organizations annual turnover.
Security is a matter of every member of the organization. This also concerns you. YOU are the most important in the chain.        
More of the negative outcome of lack of  ...:
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