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Our  AxHandshake












Welcome, delighted to meet you here.

When people worldwide, meet for the first time, a handshake in general is the first obvious gesture encountered.
Libraries are filled with all kinds of books, analyzing handshakes, how to give one, Dominant, subordinate, to close, to distant?
Ax0.io is adding one  to this arsenal. An extra dimension in dimensions.
We at ax give a handshake out of
Respect to you, to welcome you, to invite you to our ax experience.

Ax0.io handshake usually takes place on your grounds.
We first will look to our 'Adding Value',
Discreet, in the background, with our experience and knowledge, to your digital automation.
In contrary of, still, many organizations, we regard your digital automation as
Vital, Strategic.
Without a sound and dependable automation, you run risks with all kind of forthcoming consequences.

Ax0.io doesn't use any (psychological) doom and gloom to prove our point, we use sober reality.
There are many changes about to come and unfold, on many terrains, impacting also your digital automation.
It may be a good advice to have a moment of contemplation.

We are happy to present our background, where we came from, our experiences and expertise.
Our entire presenting is founded on Real Time situations and experiences.
Discrete for sake of our actual expertise and knowledge, not to hang out as any disply to everyone.

Digital automation is the strategic pillar of your endeavor.
But there is something you should know, that is, we think you should know.
Know as in;' would you have known, you would've taken strategic decision quite different then you have taken now...'
This major aspect we're happy to share.

Ax0.io handshake

Ax0.ioThe Beginning
- The origin of automation
- Digital Automation,
100% Predictable
Ax0.io 's three pilllars
- YOU (re)gaining
Full Control
- The
five lethal assassins of any digital automation

- Static vs Dynamic
- Security, not always commercial
- YOU and

In the
Ax0.io handshake, we deliberate have build in a moment of contemplation.
If you deem
Ax0.io doesn't have any 'Added Value' , fine, we don't like to occupy any of your valuable time.
         Just ask for our free inhouse Ax0.ioHandshake, we're happy to meet with you...