To uphold a clear level of awareness, ax continuously is looking to the various 'battlefields'.
To see what is going on, developing, ways, incidents and accidents often so painful come to light, with all forthcoming consequences.
At ax we look, with a healthy distance, to root causes, the beginning, but more, how these could've been avoided, should've been.
Pure neutral, since we all are to learn.




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  • The 2019 data breaches continues to increase. Data breaches not only occurs because of malicious act of hackers, poor governance, professional ignorance as well as gaps in processes and procedures are the root cause of breaches.

  • The Consequences? Every data breach is to be reported and publicly announced. Name and reputation damage for 95% of all data breaches can be avoided.

    Intrusions of cyber criminals become more and more sophisticated. Breaking in to email systems of CEO's and CFO's, getting acquainted with the internal mode of communication, then pose as one of 'the inner corporate circle' and have huge sums transferred.

    The consequences: Name and reputation damages and sound human corporate capital wasted instantly. The solution? Create a controlling mechanism where it becomes impossible to transfer money without a second check.










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 's  What's Happening...

    Ransom ware is a rising problem. Receiving ransom ware not always can be avoided. What can be is a clear policy and governance change to be prepared for an most devastating instance as this.

    Raise awareness by workshops and repeating communication. Take technical measures that if 'it' happens, your data was secured off line and kept separated from your infrastructure. Make images of servers and work platforms in order swiftly to recover once it happened to you.

    The Maersk 2017 ransom ware attack shows the enormous security gap of not complying o the most eleentary process and/or procedure.. A ransom ware attack hidden in a downloaded update of a piece of software,
    that hasn't been tested prior releasing it in the Maersk community, caused a € 300 million damages. A to be prevented outcome caused by ignoring  standard required steps in the chain.
    enforce that every automation professionals are using the processes and procedures as intended. See to it that the beginning of the chain, HR/recruitment are equipped with the skills and experience needed to assess that new coworkers understand and know their profession well enough.

    The Gancrab encryption ransom ware, hidden in many software downloads, is one of the more dangerous generation ransom ware since it keeps evolving to new varieties. Authorities are teaming up to find decryptors but why wait if 95% should've be avoided... in the first place.

    Would you pay any ransom running the risk of still being unsure nothing of the criminals remains in your systems or start anew?

    Before all: Implement an offline back up sequence of data. Realize imaging of all used platforms. Separate use of the internet physically from the corporate network. Implement awareness sessions mandatory for all coworkers to repeat frequently.

    Check and test process and procedure on regular bases.