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Ax0.io provides 'in house' workshops and seminars for executive and manager to (re)gain Full Control of their automation.
Providing, rehearsal, repetitive worksop and awareness campaigns, to become aware of the risks of automation and internet.
The setup and execution of reoccurring personalized campaigns with posters or intranet video.
All this to make your business community aware of the risks and danger of the internet, email, phishing, hacks and criminals tactics.

Workshops for executive and managers involved in automation projects or strategies to instant recognize and eliminate risks.
Executives and management workshops with as objective to instantly have independent
'Full Control'  in every automation project and program management.
Actual every days experiences and developments integrated in these seminars and workshops.
- NumoQuest© Profiling
Every human being is utter unique.
To have the best insight in ones unique personality, a personal profile will be created and hand out.
The profile is strictly  personal and confidential with one objective, Personal Empowerment.
Executive nor manager will have any active participation in the production of the profile.

-De Essential and principles of automation
Autonation is and ancient and unchanges essential and principle applied.
This 'free of all' essential is the foundation of virtually all.
Explained will be how that works, in the many aspects of life and human.
One instantly will have insight in any commercial automation.

-Executives and managers vs automation
Executives and managers have a totally different view nd vision then those occupied with operations or development.
Due to the enormous amount of facets and aspects of automation, the idea persists it is quite difficult to manage for the executive.
Ax0.io has the instrument to instantly (re)gain 'Full Control' permanently.
Ax0.io has three pillars ,
     - De Civile Matrix
               - 0 Tolerance
     - Change without Changing

- Digital automation, 100% Predictable
In this module all aspects and essentials will be revealed of the 100% Predictability of automation and how to have it work for you.

To achieve this, no intrinsic expertise of the particular automation discipline or field is required.

- Predictable risks assessments
The digital automated landscapes is consisting out of chains. Ever chain is easily to be instated, without need for detail.
Also Risk factors are easily to be recognized. To provide you this essential, you enable yourself to have helicopter view and insight,
With the
©Civile Matrix' you'll be instantly equipped to order any audit if 'Red Fags' detected
How 'Zero Tolerance' instantly eliminates risks.

- Insights and recognizing impact and chain consequences
Thers are simple do's and don'ts in automation, whome frequently are ignored.
The root causes varies but they always bear chain consequences always leading to delay, derailment hence, costs.
Are these acceptable?  Calculable?
By recognizing the risks and patterns and using
Ax0.io instruments, one instantly eliminates the risks.

-Risk assessments, from here on further
Now all elements and building blocks of automation are handed over to you, how to govern the future.
Just to instate a '0 State' from where one like to start.
The natural way of the cascading waterfall and it's instant profit into your organization
profiting of
'Full Control'

After the power shop, you'll be more then ever, to achieve and realize what automation is meant for.


 Seminars objectives are to elevate your organization broad sense
 The objectives the Ax0.io way, will have graver positive impact in the community. 
 Awareness sessions using the 'Change without Changing' results achieved faster
Broader standard awareness and understanding of automation results instantly hence, instant profit

- Digital Automation, it's origins and why it works this way
- The need for '0 Tolerance' explained
- Static vs Spastic (Dynamic)
- How to see and treat digital automation


- Dangers of the internet
- Dangers of email
- How to recognize ill situation and email, what to do
- Internet and network security
- The immediate future, a serious warning

Standard a connected plan for repetition in house by use of personalized campaigns with video, poster or email messages

- Frequent published awareness video on the intranet
- Frequent send awareness email messages via email
- Other options negotiable

How Ax0.io achieves all this?
Just ask for our free inhouse
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